Toyota GR HV Sports Concept stealthily reaches the Tokyo Motor Show image

The fully black metal-clad two-seater with a Targa top might actually represent the company’s first preview for the upcoming next generation 86 sports coupe.

Toyota just announced the creation of a new GR sports car range for production models and it’s already using its moniker to deliver what fans love most during an international event – a showcar. The concept is scheduled to bow in front of the worldwide audience of the Tokyo Motor Show before the end of the month, taking the form of a two-seater performance car with a front-mounted engine driving the rear wheels, targa roof and inspiration from the TS050 Hybrid race car when it comes to styling, partially explaining for the quirky design cues. The direct reference is at the front, where the prototype comes with odd headlights with stacks of LED clusters: two horizontal units perched atop three vertical ones, looking quite similar to the ones on the LMP1 endurance racer.

Toyota GR HV Sports Concept stealthily reaches the Tokyo Motor Show 8

Toyota further solidifies the connection with the wheels and the spoiler at the back – but from the side one might mistake it for a case of aftermarket work on the current 86 – with new front and back and a targa top, instead of the standard fixed metal roof. With a stealthy matte black appearance, the new concept shows its performance credentials with hood vents to send air to the combustion engine part of the hybrid arrangement again inspired by the work done with the TS050. Inside, the driver will unlock the concept’s potential using the cool-looking push button ignition switch found on the shift knob – there’s automatic transmission in there, but oen can also select the manual mode with an H-pattern.