Toyota GT 86 gets tuned by Rowen image

Japanese tuning company Rowen has recently created a wide body kit for the popular Toyota GT 86 budget sports car.

If you are a happy owner of the Toyota GT 86 and you feel like it deserves a more stunning exterior design, than you will be glad you ended up here as we are just presenting you with the new upgrade package signed by Japanese tuning company Rowen. According to the aftermarket specialists, the Toyota GT 86 upgrade package in question is changing basically every visible surface, adding the double front spoiler, the massive side skirts, the huge canards, vented fenders and other tweaks which are reminding us of an anime.

The Toyota GT 86 pictured below has been also fitted with custom headlights and taillights, with a vented hood, with an aggressive rear diffuser and so on, definitely helping it stand out from a crowd. Images with the cabin haven’t been released just yet but the modifications are expected to be just as significant as the ones made to the exterior. No performance changes have been announced so the model is still powered by the 2.0 liter four-cylinder boxer engine, rated at 200 HP.