Toyota GT 86 GRMN FR Sports Concept Platinum going to Tokyo Auto Salon image

The Japanese based aftermarket specialists at Gazoo Racing will pull the wraps off a specially modified Toyota GT 86 during the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon.

According to the guys at Gazoo Racing, the Toyota GT 86 in question will be named the GRMN FR Sports Concept Platinum and the model is coming with a makeover which includes the increased wheelarches from 1,775 mm to 1,855 mm, the new front bumper, the huge rear wing, inspired from the Supra models, the LED headlights and the LED taillights, amongst others. Changes found in the cabin of the model include the roll cage, the bucket seats finished in white, the four-point harnesses and some other minor tweaks.

The 1,280 kg (5 kg more than the standard car) vehicle is also coming with more power and the engine’s output has increased from 197 BHP to a total of 325 BHP and the torque figure has doubled, from 205 Nm to 431 Nm. The impressive output developed by the 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine is possible thanks to the added supercharged and turbocharger, and to the sports exhaust system. the Toyota GT 86 GRMN FR Sports Concept Platinum is also getting a lowered height, an upgraded suspension, bigger braking system and mechanical LSD.