Toyota GT 86 TRD Griffon Project going to Goodwood image

The Japanese based automaker Toyota has recently announced its plans to introduce the GT 86 TRD Griffon Project during the 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

According to the car manufacturer, the brand new Toyota GT 86 TRD Griffon Project will receive a TRD mechanical differential, which will replace the standard Torsen unit, and the final drive ratio will be shortened to 4.8:1. Other modifications will include the coilover suspension system, the new oil cooler, the TRD monoblock calipers and some other tweak, which will help the model stand out from a crowd.

The cabin of the Toyota GT 86 TRD Griffon Project hasn’t been left stock either and a bucket seat has been fitted inside, along with a MOMO steering wheel, oil tem, oil pressure and water tem gauges, new shift knob, push start switch and more. The Toyota GT 86 TRD Griffon Project now weighs 500 lbs (227 kg) less than the standard car, at a total of 2,279 lbs (1,034 kg), thanks to the use of carbon fiber on the boot lid, doors, hood, roof and rear wing. The bumpers, front wing and diffuser are made from CFRP. The model now sits on 18-inch alloy wheels with Yokohama Advan tires. More details on it will be announced at Goodwood.