Toyota GT86 Tiger is loose in Germany image

The Japanese automaker seems to have likened this week for its sporty 86 model – after the 86 860 Special Edition for the United States it’s now coming out with the limited-run Tiger.

As the first was exclusively designed for the customers in America, this one too is destined for a single market – this time Europe’s Germany. No more than 30 examples have been programmed for production – and interested buyers need to hurry up because Toyota is even imposing a time limit, up until the end of the month. All of the 30 units will only be available with a purist’s delight – the six-speed manual gearbox. The GT86 Tiger can be seen from a distance because the exterior has been adorned with a catchy “Tiger Orange” paint scheme combined with black elements on the side mirror caps, the pillars, and on the rear wing.

Toyota GT86 Tiger is loose in Germany 3

Black body stripes are also present and the anthracite 17-inch alloy wheels round off the darker theme – they also come with Sachs sports dampers, which are unfortunately the only mechanical difference as opposed to a standard GT86. Inside the cockpit the German customers will find a combination of leather and Alcantara for the seats and suede leather inserts on the door panels as well as on the dashboard. The body’s orange livery is present inside with orange seams and there’s also a brushed aluminum “GT86 Tiger” badge. The pricing starts at €34,990, which is a bit steeper than the base price of €29,990 in Germany for the standard model.