Back in 1985, Japan’s Tamiya Corporation made history among toy aficionados and revealed the radio-controlled Toyota Bruiser – the ultimate play toy for fans of the company of all ages.

The model featured a three-speed gearbox, a four-wheel-drive system, and even a leaf spring suspension, and it’s now being honored by another R/C creation – this time right from the source, more precisely Toyota in UK. And they used a real-life sized Toyota Hilux for the conversion… Called now the Toyota Hilux Bruiser, the unique truck was built by specialists at Arctic Trucks, and seems to be the exact same toy – only times bigger.

Toyota Hilux Bruiser RC Replica is for the outdoor play time 8

It was originally a Hilux Extra Cab model, arriving now with neat elements from Arctic Trucks as well – the AT35 conversion, which comes with 35-inch tires, a modified suspension, new gear ratios, and larger flared wheel arches. The wheels match the original with the bespoke chrome finish and the body features chrome finish courtesy of Funkee Fish. The “Hog Heaven” livery on the door panels, and decals located on the side sills and bed are all appropriate recreations of the original. Power for the one-off is provided by a 148-horsepower (110-kilowatts) four-cylinder diesel engine, and other original R/C car elements include the white bull bar with matching stripes, and a blacked-out grille. Naturally, this will remain a solo project, used by the company for its public and media appearances in the United Kingdom.


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