This can easily be taken quite literally since Tonka is an established manufacturer of toy trucks from America – and they have partnered with Toyota to deliver an ultimate rock climber.

Officially described as “a full-size dream toy for adults”, the Hilux Tonka concept will be “an impressive rock-crawling truck that combines the enviable reputations for toughness and durability that dominate the Toyota and Tonka DNAs.” Thus we know the prototype is based on the well-known global pick-up truck – and has actually been created to mark the milestone of turning into the best-selling vehicle in Australia in 2016. It was actually designed, assembled, and tested by the Australian Toyota unit.

2017 Toyota HiLux Tonka Concept

Below the Transformers-like black-yellow livery is a flagship Hilux SR5, packing a 2.8-liter turbodiesel engine sending power to all four wheels. Now the ground clearance has jumped six inches (150 millimeters) and the vehicle also packs a high-riding axle heavy-duty suspension combo. The off-road prowess is supported by a new front bar and a hood with a carbon-fiber skin and air scoops, high-performance LED lighting in the bar and roof pod for “excellent night vision for off-road trails”, while at the back there’s a new tailgate, again matched in carbon fiber, with an integrated spoiler and two vents for improved airflow.


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