Toyota, Honda and Mitsubishi to set up EV quick charging network in Japan image

Nine Japanese companies including automakers Toyota, Honda and Mitsubishi will join their forces to establish a quick charging network for electric vehicles (EVs) in Japan.

Toyota, Honda and Mitsubishi will unite with ULVAC, Kanematsu, Kandenko, Suzuyo Shoji, the Development Bank of Japan and Chubu Electric Power Company to form the Charging Network Development Organisation, which aims to encourage the widespread use of electric vehicles and expand the existing charging infrastructure.

By the end of October, around 800 quick chargers had been installed in Japan, a number still viewed as insufficient from the users’ point of view. So far quick chargers have generally been installed at the owner’s expense by businesses and private organisations for their own use. The lack of an effective method to recover costs has become a significant obstacle to widespread installation.

However, under the new membership service, the quick charge owners will be able to register their chargers with the organisation in a central database. CNDO will then make information, including number and location, available to users on a central database and membership fees will be put, in part, towards installation and maintenance costs incurred by quick-charger owners, helping to promote infrastructure development.

The new organization plans to start such services in fiscal year 2012.