Months before boosting Highlander production, Toyota announced it still plans to add more capacity of the model in 2014.

Toyota announced today, July 26th, that it will make an investment of $30 million to add 15,000 units to production of the gas-powered Highlanders, which will be manufactured at the Princeton plant beginning with 2014. This increase will be made besides the 50,000 units to be added this year. These two moves will give the Japanese automaker enough production to reach its annual Sequoia SUVs and Highlander s sales target of 215,000.

During the first six months of this year Toyota sold 61,771 Highlander units in the US, an increase from 57,444 units in the same period last year. Part of the Highlander production will be exported to Australia and Russia beginning late this year. The automaker said that this new production increase will bring the plant to a total capacity of 365,000 units annually. The facility also manufactures the Sienna minivan.

“This capacity increase is to meet growing demand for the Highlander and is a part of our strategy to build vehicles where we sell them,” said Norm Bafunno, president of the Princeton operation.

Source: Autonews


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