Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), Friday announced that global cumulative sales of its Innovative International Multi-purpose Vehicle (IMV) project series reached 5 million units at the end of March.

Toyota’s IMV series consists of five vehicles—three pickup trucks, a minivan, and an SUV—specially developed in 2004 for introduction to over 140 countries and regions.

The Japanese automaker said it aims to increase its sales in emerging markets from the present ratio of
40 percent of worldwide sales to 50 percent by 2015, through the strengthening of its core model of locally based production.

Innova is among the most preferred vehicles both in individual buyer segment as well as taxi segment in some regions.

The vehicles:

IMV-I, II and III: Toyota Hilux (Pick Up Single Cab, Extra Cab and Dable Cab);
IMV-IV – SUV – Toyota Fortuner
IMV-V – Mini Van Toyota Innova



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