Toyota introduces ViRA concept – is it a Prius coupe or a Yaris / RAV4 offspring? image

The Japanese automaker is taking us for a moment away from CES and NAIAS for a trip at home in Japan where it will officially introduce the ViRA concept three-door crossover during the upcoming 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon.

The prototype bears the “ViRA” name to call into question its origins – the designers envisioned a mashup between the Vitz (Yaris) supermini and the RAV4 compact sport utility vehicle. But owing to its pretentious and adventurous design styling we also ventured to asses it could also morph into a series produced Prius coupe model. That’s also because the styling ideas employed on the concept are hard to attribute to either the Yaris or the RAV4 crossover. Nevertheless the final stance of the concept looks bold enough to call for an upcoming production model that would play in the very small niche of three door crossovers (they may become fashionable – do you recall the days of the true off-roaders being offered mostly in three door form?).

With a sloping roofline and a dynamic profile and overall stance the concept is looking to harness the sympathy of the younger generation and we could see ides from this one perspiring into future real life crossovers of the company. Technical details have not been provided yet, but it could have a sporty powertrain to support the design cues – a giveaway might be the very large alloys sporting big discs and calipers. Since we’re dealing with this sleek profile, we’re judging the cabin will only have enough space for a 2+2 layout – but anyways questions might be answered once the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon starts on January 15.

Toyota introduces ViRA concept – is it a Prius coupe or a Yaris - RAV4 offspring