Toyota invests in flying car side project for the Olympics image

With numerous attempts – even from companies such as Uber or Boeing – the decade-long dream of having a convenient flying car might come to life, including from unexpected projects.

One such endeavor is the work of a team of around 30 employees at Toyota that formed a group called Cartivator – they have been working during their off-hours on a flying car since way back in 2012. Now the automaker is interested in their project and has decided to invest 42.5 million yen to get their idea off the ground – pun intended. According to local media, the Cartivator team used online crowdfunding for getting the needed funding, and now Toyota has decided to pitch in as well. “Things will not progress if you wait and provide money only when the technology is ready,” commented Chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada for the Nikkei Asian Review.

When not at work at Toyota compounds, the Cartivator team has the general HQ at a former elementary school in Aichi Prefecture, Japan – Toyota City offered the building when the school closed – and their 1/5 scale model is undertaking flight tests in the old schoolyard. Cartivator said the SkyDrive, their flying car, will be showcased for the first time this July – with the ultimate goal of reaching the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo to light the Olympic Flame from a SkyDrive.

Via Cartivator, Nikkei Asian Review