Toyota is celebrating Aqua / Prius c production start image

The Japanese based automaker Toyota has recently announced that the company celebrated the start of production on the new Aqua / Prius c hybrid compact car.

According to the car manufacturer, the Aqua hybrid, as it is known in Japan, or the Prius c, as it will arrive in the United States, has been celebrated after production started on the model at a plant operated by the subsidiary Kanto Auto Works Ltd in Kanegasaki, Iwate Prefecture. The automaker has also said that the Aqua has started production at the Iwate plant on December 19, 2011.

“Japan cannot be revitalized without the reconstruction of the northeastern region. We would like to contribute to the reconstruction and distribute high-quality vehicles to our customers”, as the Toyota president, Akio Toyoda, said during a celebration ceremony, referring to the incidents in March 2011, with the earthquake and tsunami.

As a reminder, the Toyota Aqua will compete with Honda Motor Co. for young customers who are seeking a fuel-efficient entry-level vehicle, and the target is selling 12.000 Aqua models every month in Japan. The small vehicle has been priced at 1.69 million yen or 21.700 USD, and the vehicle is 12.8 feet long, with more legroom than the Corolla compact. The Aqua is also 22 percent cheaper than the Prius.