Toyota is going extraterrestrial… sort of image

The Japanese company – an automotive industry player, but nonetheless coming from The Rising Sun means you’re traditionally obliged to play with robotics – has just announced the introduction of a new humanoid robot.

The machine has been developed in order to provide aid and assistance to humans in certain inhospitable or challenging environments – including outer space. It’s an interesting study of a human-controlled machine, named T-HR3, as it has been designed to showcase next generation technology concerning the human interaction with robots, along with the innovative remote maneuvering system. The Master Maneuvering System works by using cameras in the robot’s head, sending feedback to the human operator, who then actuates the robot via the wearable control system. It seems easy – the operator moves the arms, the robot will move its limbs.

Toyota is going extraterrestrial… sort of 4

The trick is for the walking part – a master foot allows the operator to “walk on the spot” and there’s even a force feedback system to relay the forces or resistance encountered by the robot. Toyota explains the robot is there to “provide safe assistance in environments ranging from the home and hospitals to disaster zones and even outer space.” The T-HR3 robot will be presented at the International Robot Exhibition 2017, set in Tokyo between 29 November and 2 December.