Toyota is going to Tokyo Motor Show with three new concepts image

The Japanese based automaker Toyota has announced its presence at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show with three new concept cars, the FT-EV III, the FCV-R and the Fun-Vii, out of which a road going model will hit the production line in 2012, equipped with an electric motor.

After its main rivals on the local auto market will be attending the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show with concept and production vehicles, the Japanese based car manufacturer Toyota will present three concepts at the event, in the form of the FT-EV III, the FCV-R and the Fun-Vii.

According to Toyota, the FT-EV III is using the same platform of the iQ and might actually preview a new generation of electric vehicles, with a road going version hitting the production line sometime in 2012. The FT-EV III has a total range of over 100 kilometers with a fully charged battery but the real problem in gaining new customers will be the price, and just like every EV out there, the model will be quite expensive for what it will have to offer.

The FCV-R is 4.700 mm long and according to Toyota it’s hydrogen powered, being a step forward into developing a production version of the company’s first hydrogen powered vehicle aimed at families, but this will happen in a few years and the road going car will debut in 2015. Last but not least, the Toyota Fun-Vii (Fun-Vehicle interactive internet) is presenting the automaker’s vision of the future where people, society and cars will be more connected.