Toyota is recalling a number of Tacoma pick-ups for seat belt related problems image

The Japanese company has decided to recall 342.000 Tacoma pick-ups sold in US to rectify defective seat belts.

We all remember the problems Toyota had not too long ago with the acceleration related issues, which prompted the biggest recall in automotive industry, so the Japanese manufacturer is now keen to address any other problem – as is anyone’s guess, they are under massive scrutiny on that matter.

So, this time around we have some Tacoma pick-ups to worry about, as the models involved are Tacoma Access Cabs equipped with rear-hinged doors, built from 2004 to 2011, which means customers with the first generation Tacoma will not have the problems. Toyota said a screw could come loose in the front seat belts on some of those trucks, causing the belts to malfunction. The company also mentioned it will notify the customers that need to address the service for the issue via email.