Toyota is updating the GT86 in the UK image

The budget sports car made by Toyota, the GT86, has lowered its pricing in the United Kingdom and has been slightly refreshed too.

If you are looking into a Toyota GT86 and you happen to live in the United Kingdom, than this might be the perfect time to go ahead and place a deposit for such a car because the automaker has recently lowered its price and has added several tweaks to it. According to the car manufacturer, the priced has been dropped by 805 GBP and this will only happen for a limited time, so you have found your chance of paying 22,195 GBP for the car. It is not the first time the car manufacturer has dropped the price of its rear-wheel drive car.

In case you are curious why the new cost drop has been made possible, we will tell you that mainly to the new alloy wheels, which have dropped in size to 16 inches. The prices for the rest of the range have remained basically unchanged but the company states that the GT86 Aero range-topping version can be had with the new Hot Orange paint scheme and with the 18-inch wheels, finished in gloss black. The car has lost the automatic transmission too and this is only offered on the Giallo mid-spec trim. The engine continues to be the same 2.0 liter Boxer unit signed by Subaru and offered with 197 HP, but this is now capable of meeting the Euro 6 emission standards.