Toyota issues Prius global recall for software update image

The Japanese automaker, the world’s biggest and widely known for its hybrid model, has announced it would call back more than half of the Prius vehicles ever sold – around 1.9 million – to implement a software fix on a glitch that could slow or stop the car.

According to Toyota’s spokesman Brian Lyons, the 1.9 million vehicles involved were sold globally since March 2009 – while in 2013 worldwide deliveries of the hybrid exceeded 3.6 million units since its release in 1997.

“My impression is Toyota is recalling more often, even with very minor flaws” with its vehicles, said Yuuki Sakurai, the Tokyo-based president of Fukoku Capital Management Inc. “Toyota learned its lesson from the big recalls in 2009 and 2010.”

Lyons added that the company didn’t receive any reports of accidents or injuries related to the particular software problem, which could cause some parts to overheat in certain driving situations such as accelerating from a stop – leading to the car entering its failsafe mode, that allows driving with limited power. In some extreme cases, the hybrid system could initiate a shut down that would bring the car to a halt.

Via Bloomberg