Toyota Launches Redesigned ‘Mark X’ image

Toyota Japan announces the launch in Japan today of the redesigned “Mark X”, which furthers the series’ “sporty and luxurious” concept by offering enhanced quality in an authentic rear-wheel-drive sedan.

The Mark X features a dynamic low center of gravity that is combined with powerful driving performance made possible by a new 3.5-liter V6 engine.  The style and driving performance of this upscale vehicle are in tune with adult sensibilities, delivering in-touch-with-the-road steering that responds instantaneously to the driver’s every wish, stability at high speeds and a smooth comfortable ride.

The fuel efficiency of the Relax Selection two-wheel drive models exceeds the 2010 standards by 15%, qualifying them for incentives and subsidies under the Japanese government’s taxation system for environmentally considerate vehicles.

The new Marx X, starting at an appealing 2.38 million yen, comes in a diverse lineup-standard type, sports type and premium type-to allow drivers to show their individuality.

Monthly sales target for Japan:3,000 units

Assembly Plant: Motomachi Plant, Toyota Motor Corporation

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices (Prices in Hokkaido and Okinawa differ)
Grade Engine Powertrain Transmission Price*1 (including
consumption tax)
250G F package 4GR-FSE
(V6, 2.5 liter)
regular gasoline
Rear-wheel-drive 6 Super ECT*2 2,380,000 yen
2,674,250 yen
Relax Selection 2,690,000 yen
S package 2,937,500 yen
S package,
Relax Selection
2,990,000 yen
F package Four-wheel drive 2,611,000 yen
2,905,250 yen
350S 2GR-FSE
(V6, 3.5 liter)
premium gasoline
Rear-wheel-drive 3,525,000 yen
Premium 3,370,000 yen
L package 3,800,000 yen
*1Prices listed do not include recycling fees, *2Super intelligent,electronically-controlled, six-speed automatic transmission

Vehicle Outline

The design concept behind the Marx X is “glam tech”-combining the visual “glamour” conveyed by the vehicle with the “high-tech” expression of its modern and precise feel.  The result is subtle contrast as well as a dynamic and stylish form.

The vehicle’s silhouette is smooth and elegant, with expansive front and rear pillars to emphasize integration with the underbody.

The 1,435 mm height and 20 mm expansion for both width and track give the vehicle a low center of gravity.

Rear-wheel drive allows a front-and-rear weight distribution ratio of 54:46 for stable driving.

The bumper’s wide opening and deep-set fog lights emphasize the face’s low center of gravity and wide stance, while the three-lamp linear layout of the headlights and a mesh grille enhance the sense of vitality.

The combination taillights also have a three-lamp linear layout, while lights built into the lid of the trunk serve as a statement of class.

Six refined body colors are available, including the new Ice Titanium Mica Metallic.

The interior is sporty and dynamic, combining quality and precision that evokes a feeling of driving pleasure.

The leather-covered steering wheel’s thicker ergonomic grip and a leather-booted gearshift add to the sporty feel.

The angles of the seat cushion and sides of the front seats have been optimized for superior hold.  The driver’s seat also features a switch-operated motorized lumbar support function that shifts the seatback forward or back to improve back comfort during driving.

The shoulder portion of the door trim for the front and rear seats has been pushed outward by 25 mm (total for left and right), while the distance between the front seats has been increased by 20 mm, resulting in a roomier interior.

Sports type (250G S package, 250G S package Relax Selection, 350S)

  • Sporty feel enhanced through tinting of headlights and combination taillights and through spoilers on front and rear bumpers and trunk lid
  • Interior features modern and robust black theme
  • Paddle shifter gives feel of manual transmission

Premium type (Premium, Premium L package)

  • Special plating on front grille, rocker moldings and front bumper enhance upscale image
  • Steering wheel and shift knob ornamentation boast wood-grain finish
  • Heated front seats effectively warm shoulders, lower back and legs
  • Power Easy Access System slides driver’s seat back and tilts steering wheel upward and forward, increasing ease of ingress and egress
  • Refined velour-moquette seat covers are treated with mite-suppressing agent that also prevents static electricity, adding to passenger comfort

The new 3.5-liter V6 engine is paired with a 6 Super ECT with a driving response and acceleration management system to provide the ample and comfortable cruising characteristic of a full-scale rear-wheel drive sedan.

The 2.5-liter V6 engine (two-wheel drive) models offer good  acceleration, going from zero to 100km/h in just 8.4 seconds2.

Reduced friction resistance in the suspension and higher arm rigidity enhance maneuverability and provide in-touch-with-the-road steering and a smooth, comfortable ride.  The sports type models are equipped with Adaptive Variable Suspension, which combines mono-tube shock absorbers and computer control of damping force, delivering an exceptional ride, superior handling and stable cruising performance.

Depending on the driving conditions, the driver can-at the flick of a switch-choose between the Sport, Snow and Eco driving modes to optimally control drive force.

The newly adopted Variable Gear Ratio Steering system, which controls the angle of the front wheels according to vehicle speed to improve steering performance, is coupled with optimized electric power steering.

Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management coordinates the drive power, steering and brakes to ensure excellent stability and improve preventive safety.

Expanded use of vibration-dampening materials limits noise penetration, resulting in a quiet and comfortable cabin.

Comfort features

The multi-information display, which indicates average fuel efficiency, possible cruising distance and other data, features enhanced visibility through the adoption of a high-contrast white, organic electroluminescent (EL) display.

Fully automatic independent temperature controls for the driver and passenger sides-standard on all models-feature a function to remove pollen, dust and other impurities from the air in the cabin.  Meanwhile, Plasmacluster Ions®3 technology combats bacteria and creates a comfortable cabin atmosphere through the balanced release of positive and negative ions.

The 480-liter4 trunk is roomy enough to accommodate four golf bags.

An HDD navigation system (compatible with the G-BOOK mX telematics service) features multimedia and other advanced functions such as Map on Demand, which provides automatic map and information updates and door-to-door guidance that pinpoints directions to a destination.

The premium models come with a G-BOOK mX telematics service-compatible HDD navigation system with built-in terrestrial digital TV tuner and gear-shifting functions for driver support in merging and exiting and at intersections; 12 speakers optimally placed to provide sound quality comparable to a live performance.

The Intelligent Parking Assist system uses ultrasonic sensors installed in the front of the vehicle to detect parking-space parameters and help the driver parallel park or back into a parking space by informing the driver when to turn the steering wheel and where to start backing up.