Toyota Leads the Annual US Consumer Survey on Brand Perception image

Today, February 1st, Consumer Reports published the annual US consumer survey on brand perception, with Toyota taking the first spot.

Toyota is the survey’s leader, followed by Ford, Honda, Chevrolet, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo, an order unchanged from last year.

“The brand leaders have a really strong hold on the mind-share of the consumer,” said Jeff Bartlett, deputy auto editor online for Consumer Reports. “We’re seeing much less space between brands. In other words, consumers seem to think many excel in the areas that matter most to them and it’s harder for brands to stand out.”

Bartlett said that the survey is in fact a window showing what customers are thinking and how they perceive each brand according to seven categories: safety, performance, quality, value, technology, design and green attributes. The top buying factors remain quality and safety. Toyota leads the score with 133 points, an increase of about 11 points from 2012, followed by Ford up 2 points to 117.8 points, Honda up 26 points to 114 points and Chevrolet up 7 points to 94.4 points.

Mercedes had 77.4 points, Volvo 76.5 points, GM 66.2 points, BMW 65.6 points, Dodge 55.8 points and Tesla 54.8 points.