Toyota, Lexus Sold Almost 2 Million Hybrids in the US image

Toyota announced it has sold almost 2 million hybrid vehicles in the US until now.

The Japanese automaker said that it has reached the milestone of 5 million hybrids sold worldwide, from which 2 million units were sold in the US. Toyota estimates that its hybrid lineup, which includes 20 models, has helped reduce the CO2 emissions by 34 million tones, compared with the gasoline-powered vehicles. The company added that its hybrids helped owners save more than 3 billion gallons of gasoline.

“With more than 50 hybrid vehicle models from various manufacturers available in the U.S., hybrids on the road are saving nearly 500 million gallons of petroleum annually in this country,” said Tony Markel, senior engineer with the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory, in Golden, Colo.

Toyota and Lexus hybrids account for 70% of the US auto industry hybrid sales, 16% of the Japanese automaker’s sales and 3% of the nation’s car market. The two automakers sell a plug-in hybrid and 19 hybrid models in 80 countries, with 12 of the models being available in the States. Toyota plans to introduce 18 new hybrids by 2015 and reach global sales of at least 1 million units annually.