Toyota may delay launch of Lexus GX 460 in China image

Toyota Motor Corp.’s plans to launch a new Lexus sport-utility vehicle in China were in disarray Wednesday after concerns about the car’s rollover risk surfaced in the U.S.
A Beijing-based company spokesman said Toyota was preparing to launch the Lexus GX 460 in the next few weeks, but the plan is on hold after the company decided to temporarily halt U.S. sales of the vehicle.
The U.S. move follows a rare “don’t buy” recommendation for the Lexus SUV by Consumer Reports magazine, which said the car could roll over in certain situations.
”We have no idea when we might be able to launch the car” in China, said Toyota spokesman Hitoshi Yokoyama.
The company’s response to safety concerns will depend on the outcome of a study to be conducted in Japan and the U.S.
The rating by Consumer Reports, an influential American nonprofit magazine, deals a further blow to the Japanese car maker, which is trying to repair its image after a series of safety recalls.