Toyota Might Reach Global Record Sales of 9.76 Million Units image

Toyota announced it will reach a record year on sales thanks to the US and Asia markets, making up for the loss in China.

Toyota Motor Corp. Executive Vice President Yukitoshi Funo said that it will be a real challenge to reach the target of 9.76 million vehicles set for this year, due to the loss in China caused by the violent anti-Japan protests. Toyota’s sales in China have fallen to half the sales figure reached last year and the automaker has already given up its plan to sell 1 million vehicles in the country by the end of this year.

Yukitoshi Funo is confident that Toyota will manage to reach record sales globally, surpassing the record 9.37 million units reached in 2007, due to increased demand in other markets. According to him “Toyota’s operation is well-balanced” due to automaker’s plan to avoid risks in one market by building up sales in several other markets.

Funo says that Toyota will manage to get back its position as the world’s top automaker by vehicle sales, surpassing GM. From Jan to Sept, Toyota sold 7.4 million vehicles globally, with 450,000 more than GM. Toyota’s sales were up 28% during this period, while GM’s increased only 2.5%.