Toyota might use BMW 6-Series platform for the new Supra image

The Japanese based automaker Toyota is planning to use the platform of the BMW 6-Series in order to develop the new generation of the Supra.

After the two companies have singed a partnership last week, expanding their collaboration which basically means sharing technologies in order to cut down on CO2 emissions and improve the fuel efficiency in their vehicle, rumors that the new Toyota Supra generation might use the same platform as the BMW 6-Series have surfaced. Even if there is no official word on this subject from the two automakers just yet, the guys at are saying that the legendary Toyota Supra might be reborn by using the same platform as the new-gen BMW 6-Series.

A new supercar signed by Lexus isn’t excluded from this possibility either although the Germans might have something against it, considering the fact that they are rivals with the Japanese carmaker on the over-seas auto market.

Rumors are saying that the next generation of the Toyota Supra will get a 3.5 liter hybridized engine, which will develop 400 HP from a gas unit, powering the rear wheels, and two electric motors, which will “move” the front wheels. Besides this powertrain, the new Toyota Supra is also expected to get a 5.0 liter V8 engine, which should be good for around 500 HP. The final production version of the new Toyota Supra might make its way onto the market in late 2015, for a starting price of just under 60,000 USD.