Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Vehicle goes official image

The Japanese based automaker Toyota has officially pulled the wraps off the production-ready Mirai fuel cell vehicle, which will go on sale in 2015.

Toyota’s newest creation is actually the production-ready version of the Mirai Fuel Cell Vehicle. The name of the model “Mirai” stands for “future” in Japanese and this is basically an evolution of the FCV Concept, which was shown last year, during the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. The vehicle in question will be taking the shape of a four-door sedan and it should become a revolution in the automotive industry.

“Toyota’s vision of a hydrogen society is not just about building a great car, but ensuring accessible, reliable and convenient refueling for our customers. I am happy to announce that this vision will expand beyond the borders of California and give customers the opportunity to join the fuel cell movement”, said the company’s CEO, Jim Lentz.

The Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Vehicle will be able to travel for up to 300 miles, or the equivalent of 483 km, before running out of juice. Refilling its tank with hydrogen will take less than 5 minutes so there will not be any big difference between putting diesel and gasoline or hydrogen in it. Prices for the green car will start from approximately 60,300 USD in Japan. Toyota has a plan of developing a hydrogen refueling infrastructure in five northeastern U.S. states. 12 of them will be opened in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, in association with Air Liquide.