Toyota Mirai to be produced at the old LFA factory image

The brand new Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicle will be put together at the factory which used to assemble the Lexus LFA.

Despite being a completely different vehicle than the Lexus LFA, the Toyota Mirai will be assembled at the old factory where the supercar used to be put together. This means that the model will be starting its production at the Toyota Motomachi facility, in Aichi, and the model will be hand-build, because it requires a lot of attention to detail.

“Each unit is carefully built with utmost care. So therefore, the production volume might be limited”, said Masamoto Maekawa to Automotive News Europe.

The Toyota Mirai FCV has been officially unveiled just a few weeks ago. The model in question has a starting price of 57,500 USD before state and federal incentives and it will drop to less than 45,000 USD. The model can also be grabbed for 499 USD a month, for 36 months, with 3,649 USD at signing. Less than 200 units will become available for order, next fall, so you may be in for a big wait if you have your eyes on one. The Mirai will have a total range of 300 miles (483 km) and refilling its tank with hydrogen will take you less than 5 minutes.