The quality of water emitted by the Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicle is safer than milk, as the car manufacturer is stating.

The Toyota Mirai will be a motoring evolution once it will become available for order because hydrogen is considered by many the best alternative to petrol. If you are concerned about the environment and CO2 emissions, you should know that the Mirai is only emitting water vapors which, according to the car manufacturer, are safer than milk.

“We tested the health impact of drinking the water in a special lab. They said that compared to drinking milk, this drainage water has much fewer organic impurities”, said the man who was in charge of designing the fuel stack power generator, Seiji Mizuno, to Automotive News Europe.

If this has caught your attention and you are looking forward to drinking the water emitted by the Mirai, don’t do it, because Toyota isn’t recommending it because the FCV’s water has been created by combining the oxygen from surround air and the hydrogen from the fuel tank and the fuel stack isn’t sterilizing or distilling the water.

The Toyota Mirai will have a price of 45,000 USD after the state and federal incentives, with 57,500 USD before that. It can also be ordered for 499 USD a month, for 36 months, with 3,649 USD at signing. The model will be created in 200 units and it will be available for order next fall. The car will have a total range of 300 miles (483 km) and refueling its tank will take less than 5 minutes.


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