Toyota Motor Sales Reports Growth in the US image

Toyota Motors Sales reported an increase of 8.7% in the US for February to 166, 377 vehicles.

Sales for Toyota Motors Sales, USA, increased 4.3% compared with February 2012, unadjusted for 24 selling days in February 2013 versus 25 in February 2012. Toyota Division reported February sales up 8.7% to 149,038 vehicles on a DSR basis, while volume-wise the automaker increased 4.4% compared with February 2012. Lexus’ sales were up 8.3% to 17,339 units on a DSR basis and up 3.9% by raw volume.

“Despite rising gas prices, severe winter storms and concerns about the federal budget, February was a good indication of the overall strength of the market,” said Bill Fay, group vice president and general manager, Toyota Division. “With the most fuel efficient full line of vehicles, Toyota is well positioned, and we’re encouraged by very positive consumer reaction to our new Avalon and RAV4.”

Toyota’s sales in the US in January increased 26% and Lexus was up 32%, leading the automaker to a total of 157,725 units sold. Toyota’s US market share stood at 15.1% in January, an increase from 13.6% in January 2012. The Camry sold 31,897 units, keeping its place as the best-selling passenger car in the US.