Toyota new technology may boost li-ion batteries capacity tenfold image

Toyota Motor Corp. has developed a new technology that would allow lithium-ion batteries to store 10 times the energy of current ones, and thus open the door to more practical electric vehicles, Japan’s Nikkei business newspaper said.

The greater storage capacity could also enable Toyota to reduce the size, weight and possibly the cost of the battery pack.

In a separate story from The New York Times, Toyota’s executive vice president Masatami Takimoto said Toyota is not planning to manufacture an all electric vehicle any time soon.

“The time is not here. Currently to commercialize pure EVs, we need a battery that far exceeds the current technology, Takimoto said.

While Toyota is delaying its electric vehicles, Nissan is releasing the Leaf and Mitsubishi already came out with its iMiEV. So Toyota is waiting for a mature EV technology to come out, but one possibility is that it may risk itself losing the race for electric cars in the end.

Source: Gasgoo