Toyota Motor Corp. will open this month its eighth North American vehicle assembly plant in order to cover US growing demand for Corolla. The $1.3 billion plant is located near Tupelo Mississippi. This step is one component of carmakers will to enhance.

At Blue Springs Mississippi plant will be hired approximately 1,500 workers. The employees will benefit from a starting wage of $15 hourly, health insurance, a retirement plan and job stability.

Until 2015, the carmakers intend to hire in the US a minimum of 25,000 workers, including employees for Toyota’s plant, Honda’s Indiana assembly plant, Kia’s Georgia assembly plant and Hyundai’s Alabama plant.

U.S. and international carmakers plan to hire or rehire at least 25,000 workers between now and 2015. That includes 4,000 jobs in the fourth quarter alone from Toyota’s $ plant, a new assembly shift at Honda Motor Co.’s Civic factory in Indiana, a third shift at Kia Motors Corp.’s Georgia assembly plant and an expansion at Hyundai Motor Co.’s Alabama plant.

For 2011, the US auto market is forecasted to increase with 10 percent, thus attracting more industrial output as Asian and European carmakers are striving to open or upgrade their US plants.

According to the statements of Steve St. Angelo, Toyota’s executive vice president for North American manufacturing, the company will increase its North American output with 15% compared to the beginning of the year estimations.


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