Toyota Opens Training Facility to Train Mechanics on Quality Control image

Toyota will open a training facility for its mechanics, including a complete test course able to stimulate 13 driving conditions , part of its strategy to avoid another recall fiasco.

Today, July 22nd, the automaker held a ceremony to celebrate the 9 billion yen ($90 million) Tajimi Service Center, located in Gifu Prefecture, central Japan. Toyota President Akio Toyoda said that even if the automaker becomes more global, quality remains a priority. Around 2,600 mechanics will be initially trained at the center, a number reaching 4,800 annually.

“When something happens next time, we will be faster with our response and then people can trust our vehicles more as safe,” said Toyoda.

Toyota has a total of 120,000 mechanics, but the number is expected to increase as sales are growing in emerging markets. Unfortunately, the automaker’s quality reputation was affected by the Toyota Motor massive global recalls which started 5 years ago, surpassing 10 million vehicles. Although the center will not help the automaker avoid recalls, it will help the company respond more quickly.

“No vehicle is used in the same way, and all sorts of things happen that cannot be anticipated at the development stage,” Toyoda said. “It is impossible to build a vehicle that will never break down.”