Toyota patent is like Big Brother for autonomous cars image

The Japanese automaker has reportedly filed a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office that will save you some worries – like thinking if your AI-equipped car is going to conspire against you in a Doomsday case scenario.

Ever since James Cameron outed the Terminator (frankly even before that, we humans have so many fears) there was a major worry that one day machines would become sentient and self-conscious and try to take over the world – instead of just opening a dialogue with us. Now the Internet is pretty much everywhere and no Apocalypse has happened – but as connected, Artificial Intelligence-equipped and autonomous cars are set to rule the roads in the near future, we’re again looking to see if there’s any killer robot with the face of the Governor of California on it.

But Toyota is apparently looking to set things right – as in quenching the fears of those nervous about being driven by a computer when they step inside an autonomous vehicle. A new Toyota patent is showcasing the idea of using an augmented reality head-up display to show the persons inside the car what the self-driving system is actually doing. The HUD would get messages like Change Lanes, Right Turn, Acceleration, Steady Running, and Autonomous Driving End, each accompanied by graphics – and besides info from the autonomous system, the HUD would also bring all relevant data about the road at the behest of anyone inside.

Via United States Patent and Trademark Office