Toyota Plans 1.8 M Sales in China in 2015 image

For 2015 Toyota plans to sell 1.8 million cars annually in China, which would be more than doubling the 2011 sales.

Toyota aims to sell about 1 million units in China this year, up 13.3% from the 2011 level and in 2015 to raise the annual sales to 1.6 million-1.8 million. Toyota makes cars in China in partnership with FAW Group and Guangzhou Automobile Group Co.

In February the company sold about 66,800 cars in China and in January about 58,700 units, a 26.2% decrease from the previous year when January had more selling days because the Lunar New Year fell early in February.

To increase sales Toyota already introduced three new models last year in China and began to manufacture third-generation Priuses in December for sale early this year. Because both Prius and hybrid Camry are quite expensive since they are equipped with imported power trains, the company tries to keep the price down by equipping all Toyota’s China-made hybrid cars with locally made power train systems by 2015.

Toyota moved the headquarters of its Chinese operations from Japan to China and hired Changzheng Dong as a senior executive vice president of Toyota’s joint venture operations in China.