Toyota Plans to Export the Corolla From the US to the Caribbean and Latin America image

Toyota plans to begin exporting the Corolla from the US to 18 markets in the Caribbean and Latin America from 2014.

The Japanese automaker said it will start manufacturing the Corolla models aimed for exports in April 2014 at its Tupelo plant, Mississippi. The automaker plans to export more than 7,500 compact Corolla sedans to the Caribbean and Latin America in the first year of sales.

Last year Toyota reported exports of more than 124,000 vehicles from the US to 21 global markets, up 45% compared with the previous year. The Corolla sedan, which is the automaker’s best-selling model globally, has been redesigned for the 2014 model year.

“Toyota’s U.S. manufacturing operations continue to grow as a key supplier of cars and trucks for global markets,” Jim Lentz, CEO of Toyota’s North America Region, said in a statement. “The export of U.S.-built Corolla sedans to Latin America and the Caribbean will help to further solidify our U.S. manufacturing base.”

Last month Toyota announced the official price list for the 2014 Corolla in the United States, where the cheapest model can now be yours from $16,800. The model in question will arrive in dealerships this fall and it will be offered in four trim levels.