Toyota Plans to Start RAV4 SUV Production in Russia in 2016 image

Toyota Motor announced that Toyota Motor Manufacturing Russia will start production of the RAV4 crossover SUV in 2016.

The RAV4 crossover SUV will be manufactured for the Russian market at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Russia. The automaker will increase the annual production capacity at TMMR from 50,000 units to around 100,000 units, investing almost 18 billion yen and hiring 800 new employees. The RAV4 is Toyota’s best-selling vehicle in Russia, where demand for SUVs continues to increase.

Toyota sold 27,000 RAV4 units in Russia from the beginning of the year and local production for the model is aimed at meeting increasing demand and enable timelier delivery.

“Since its launch in Russia in 2002, the RAV4 has been extremely well received by Russian consumers. We are committed to continuing our contribution to the development of the Russian automobile industry and providing products that satisfy consumers,” said Didier Leroy, president of Toyota Motor Europe NV/SA, TMC’s holding company in Europe.

Relying on the Russian market, Toyota has started production of the Camry sedan at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Russia in 2007 and in February 2013 added the Land Cruiser Prado SUV through Sollers-Bussan in Vladivostok.