Toyota posts strong gains in auto output in April image

Toyota Motor Corp, Japan’s largest carmaker said output at its factories in Japan surged more than three-fold to 352,973 vehicles last month, while overseas production rose 64.8 percent in the period to 439,988.

The Japanese giant said its domestic sales nearly tripled on-year to 107,826 in April on solid demand for hybrids and other fuel-efficient vehicles, supported by the government’s purchasing incentives for such vehicles.

In addition, its exports increased nearly six-fold to 180,050 as shipments to all regions rose.
The March 2011 earthquake and tsunami killed thousands and shut down auto plants for weeks. Asian automakers were forced to cut incentives to preserve inventory throughout the spring and summer.
Most automakers returned production to pre-quake levels by the end of 2011.

The yen also hit a record high against the dollar last year, hurting exporters whose products become more expensive overseas when the currency strengthens.

Now, Toyota is in the middle of an annual sales blitz that includes 0% financing on many models and special lease rates.