Toyota presents the GR Super Sport concept at Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 image

America has the motorsport-inspired Ford GT, Europe has the Formula One-loving Mercedes-AMG Project One and the Red Bull Racing/Aston Martin Valkyrie – while Japan now has the Toyota GR Super Sport.

Unfortunately for now this is just a concept, with no word yet if it will ever trickle down into a production version. We hope it does, because Toyota has also decided to put to good use its motorsport expertise, with the GR Super Sport concept clearly influenced by the company’s experience in the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC). We do have some hopes – Toyota president Akio Toyoda has given hints the company will do a production hybrid supercar in the future.

Toyota presents the GR Super Sport concept at Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 3

Meanwhile, the GR Super Sport prototype is clearly inspired by the LMP1 racer, with TOYOTA GAZOO Racing taking the continued participation in the WEC as a highly beneficial and necessary project when dealing with newly developed hybrid systems and electrified vehicle (EV) systems. The company has even used “mostly” the same components as seen inside the TS050 Hybrid race car that competes in the WEC. In terms of design, a race car for the road is sure to raise a few comments, but the GR Super Sport does look ready to stick to the ground like glue given the extreme aerodynamic efficiency.

Toyota presents the GR Super Sport concept at Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 4

“Rather than developing production cars into sports cars, we aim to work out how to incorporate the know-how developed through races and rallies into production cars. Thus, this is the starting point for Toyota’s completely new challenge to develop sports cars from active race cars. Although it will be some time before you all have the opportunity to get behind the wheel, I hope that the GR Super Sport Concept will give you a taste of what we aim to achieve with our next-generation sports cars,” added Shigeki Tomoyama, Gazoo Racing Company president.

The heart and soul of the new GR Super Sport concept is the hybrid powertrain, comprising a biturbo 2.4-liter V6 engine for a combined total output of 986 horsepower (735 kilowatts). It’s called the Toyota Hybrid System – Racing (THS-R) – but so far there are no other details about it, such as how many electric motors are in there or the capacity of the battery and performance/efficiency numbers.