Toyota sold 22, 091 Prius Hybrids in Japan last month, keeping its place as the country’s best sold car for the 16th straight month.

The second best-sold model was Toyota Aqua with 22, 039 units sold, 52 short of Prius. On the third place came Suzuki’s Wagon R mini vehicle, with 20,891 units, due to the improved fuel efficiency of 28.8km/l. The model did amazingly well taking into consideration the fact that it was introduced in September 6th.
Honda’s N Box minicar, reached the 4th place, from the 3rd in August, followed by Nissan’s Note subcompact on the 5th place, a model which made its debut on September 3rd and sold 18,355 units, up 210% on the year.

Vehicles offering performance and good fuel economy were popular in September, thanks to their super chargers combined with small engines. Because government’s sales incentives offered for environmentally friendly cars reached their deadline in September, we might see a fall in sales of minicars and hybrids, and a sharpening competition in October.

Demand for fuel-efficient cars also brought the US sales up, as gas prices here increased in September above $4 a gallon in some areas of the country. The majority of automakers, including Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, Volkswagen and Honda posted double-digit gains compared with last year.


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