Toyota Prius C launched in Malaysia image

The new Toyota Prius C has been recently launched in Malaysia, where the model has a starting price of RM97, 000 on the road, including insurance.

After the Japanese based automaker has introduced the new Toyota Prius C, or Aqua as it is also being known, on several markets until now, time has come for the car company to launch the small and “green” model in Malaysia too, where the vehicle can be bought for a starting price of RM97,000. The Toyota Prius C is actually cheaper and more valuable than the Honda Insight, its main rival, which is coming in Malaysia at RM99,812.

The Toyota Prius C is coming with three selectable drive modes, the Normal, the Eco and the EV, where the Eco is helping the driver to emit low CO2 emissions and burn just a tiny bit of fuel and the EV is allowing the model to run on electric power alone at speeds up to 45 km/h. The Prius C for Malaysia is coming with a 3.5 inch Multi Info Display full color panel, which is showing everything from the ECO Score to the Energy Monitor, with a Touch Traces, from the Prius, navigation system, reverse camera and some other interesting features.

Under the hood, the Toyota Prius C is powered by a 1.5 liter petrol engine and an electric motor, where the first one is developing 73 PS and 111 Nm of torque, while the second one is generating 61 PS and 169 Nm of torque, helped by a 144 volt nickel-metal hybrid (Ni-MH) battery which is located under the rear seats.