Toyota Prius on the Third Best Selling Car in the World This Year image

Toyota Prius has been ranked third the world’s third best selling car, with amazing sales in the first quarter.

In the first three months on this year, sales of Toyota Prius doubled to 247, 230 units, due to an increased product line including the Prius c, Prius v and Prius plug-in, and also due to modest incentives. There were only two models to out-sell the Prius: the Ford Focus with 277,000 units and the Toyota Corolla with 300,800 units.

The country which contributed the most to the sales growth is the U.S. with 42% in the first quarter and sales 56% up in April to 86,027 units. In Japan, the company’s home market, the new Aqua, sold in North America as the Prius c, helped the Prius triple its sales to 175,080 units. Since its introduction, the Prius managed to sell more than 4 million vehicles, making Toyota the leader in hybrid production.

A recent Consumer Reports survey shows that 75% of the participants at the survey said they would choose an alternative fuel vehicle as their next choice, which only means that the Prius sales will continue the steady increase.