Toyota Prius tops Japan’s auto sales for the 13th month image

The Toyota Prius is the best-selling car in Japan for the 13th month as the company has recently announced.

According to the Japanese based car manufacturer, Toyota has managed to find new owners for 28, 456 units of the Prius in Japan, which is basically a 46,5 percent increase on the year, but the company estimates that sales would have been higher if the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami wouldn’t have hit the country last year. The jump in sales was due to the impact of the government subsidies which are currently encouraging the buying and owning of electric and hybrid vehicles.

Besides the Toyota Prius, which was the number one best-seller, the car company managed to take the silver medal too because the second place was filled by the Toyota Aqua hybrid. The podium was closed by the Honda N Box mini vehicle and according to local reports, these three models have maintained their positions ever since April. Toyota Motor Company has sold 25,079 units of the Aqua model while the rivals at Honda managed to sell 23,090 units of the N Box, which is a good achievement, taking into consideration that both models were launched in December.