Toyota Prius V is outselling the Chevy Volt in 2011 image

The Japanese based automaker Toyota and its Prius V model managed to outsell the Chevrolet Volt in 2011, even if the Asian vehicle didn’t go on sale until mid-October.

The Chevrolet Volt and its fire risk problems meant that the Americans who wanted to get the GM model changed their mind and ended up buying different cars. One of the other choices to the Chevrolet Volt was the Toyota Prius V, which even if it was launched in mid-October 2011, it still managed to outsell the Volt last year. According to the Japanese car manufacturer, the Toyota Prius V sales totaled 8,399 units for 2011, while Chevrolet Volt totaled 7,671 units.

The problems with the Chevrolet Volt weren’t the only things that made the Toyota model outsell it and an important factor was the price, which was being set at $39,995, including an $850 shipping charge, while the Toyota Prius V starts at $27,160. The combined sales of the Prius and Prius V in January totaled 11,555 units, while GM only sold 603 Chevy Volts, but the capacity for this year at the Hamtramck plant, in Detroit, is 60,000 units of the Volt and Opel Ampera, out of which 45,000 Chevrolet Volts are being target at the United States auto market.