Toyota Proace going to BTVC image

Toyota’s motorsport division has recently announced that the Proace will compete in the 2013 British Touring Van Championship (BTVC).

According to the Japanese based automaker, the Toyota Proace will be used by three independent touring car teams in the competition for this season. The model has already been in a testing program and it’s handling has been tweaked for the next competition, but testing doesn’t stop here and it will be conducted at the Nurburgring too, next month, ahead of the racing debut scheduled for the mid-2013, July, when the new season will start.

“The Touring Van Championship is just the kind of cost-conscious racing Britain needs. The Proace carries up to 1.2 tonnes in its 7m3 loadspace, so everything you need to go racing can be carried in the back. No big trucks, no catering wagons, no fancy-dan hospitality units – if it won’t fit in the Proace then it’s not needed at the circuit”, said Gideon Gleman, championship spokesman.

The Toyota Proace can carry up to 1.2 tons in its 7m3 loadspace and it can carry its necessary equipment inside without the use of any extra cars or trucks. Performance details hasn’t been announced yet but chances are we will hear about it again, once the 2013 BTVC will start.