Toyota proposing futuristic i-TRIL concept for Geneva image

The Japanese automaker is promoting the recently refreshed Yaris family – complete with its new WRC-inspired high performance version – for the Geneva Motor Show.

But the company is also coming straight from a Sci-Fi book with the “i-TRIL,” a concept for an electrified city car hosting up to three persons and penned by the carmaker’s European division with help from the design center from Nice, France. A follow-up to the i-Road concept from the Geneva Motor Show some years ago, the i-TRIL has Toyota’s “Active Lean” technology capable of automatically controlling the vehicle’s body angle. The i-Road for example had a minimum turning cycle of just three meters thanks to the implementation of rear-wheel steering and a lean actuator motor. It was able to gather information from the steering angle, gyro sensor, and the car’s speed, with the computers taking care of computing the appropriate lean angle during every instance of the drive. The technology even functioned outside of corners – it was keeping the concept’s body level whenever going over stepped surfaces. The new Toyota i-TRIL concept will become official on March 7 during the 2017 Geneva Motor Show and comes as the company’s vision for the city car of the year 2030.