Toyota Rav4 EV making its entrance image

The 2012 Toyota Rav4 electric vehicle, presented at last year’s Los Angeles International Auto Show, is close to hitting the showrooms.

Toyota used to sell an electric version of the first Rav4 generation more than 14 years ago but it was never a success but, according to the manufacturer, the new Rav4 will be a more robust EV and it is expected to “do well”.

Being the product of a partnership between Toyota and Tesla Motors, the new generation of Rav4 will have a revised front fascia and badging, bringing it closer to its gas-powered “brother”.

According to the automaker, the Rav4 EV will be powered by a lithium metal oxide battery, which will add an additional 220 pounds to its weight, compared with the V6 version, but it will still have the same 0 to 60 mph acceleration time.

Even though the car manufacturer didn’t provide an exact release date for the new Rav4 electric vehicle, we are expecting it to hit the showrooms sometime next year.