The Japanese automaker, the biggest in the world and also the largest company at home, has decided to prepare the introduction of the Mirai fuel cell hydrogen vehicle in Norway and Sweden later on this year.

Toyota has been among the first carmakers to offer a commercial solution for a fuel cell car and the vehicle is slowly making its way into the most important global markets. After Japan and the United States, the Mirai has also slowly entered the European region – United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, and Belgium already have the model in their dealerships since late 2015 or early 2016. Now Toyota is taking a major step forward as its preparing the introduction of the electric car in Scandinavia where the unconventional powertrain will have to show its qualities in the face of the harsh cold climate of the region. The Mirai will be offered starting this summer in Norway and Sweden and shortly after the next market will be the Netherlands.

Hydrogen is no stranger to Norway because the country is very keen on supporting eco-friendly automakers – the country has already installed five hydrogen stations in the east and another 20 will be finished by the turn of the decade. Sweden already has working hydrogen refill stations in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, also planning to open new spots in the near future. Toyota has said it wants to sell about 3,000 Mirai units by next year and about 30,000 vehicles by 2020 – and the ambitious plans seem supported by the strong start, in the US alone the model has already accumulated 1,900 orders.


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