Toyota Recalled in 2012 More Vehicles Than Any Other Automaker image

Data shows that Toyota recalled more vehicles last year than any other automaker in the US.

In the past four years, this was the third time Toyota led the recalls made in the US. A Detroit News review of recall data showed that in 2012 automakers recalled 16.2 million vehicles, a 4.5% rise over the 15.5 million cars, trucks, motorcycles and RVs recalled in 2011. Last year the number of recall campaign dropped to 593 from 587 in 2011 and 600 campaigns in 2004.

The most popular recall trends in 2012 included air bag problems, fire issues, rust and rollaway vehicles. Three major automakers were fined by the US regulators: Volvo, Toyota and BMW, as they failed to issue the recalls on time.

“Automakers are quick to recall newer vehicles before complaints stack up, but they are often reluctant to recall older models that may have expensive fixes that cover many vehicles on the roads,” said Sean Kane, president of Massachusetts-basedconsulting firm Safety Research & Strategies.

Toyota recalled more vehicles in 2012 than any other automaker and paid a record-setting $17.35 million fine as it delayed the recall for 154,000 Lexus SUVs in the States to deal with the trapped pedals issue. The company also agreed to pay a civil settlement of more than $1.1 billion to settle the 2009/2010 claims related to the recall of 14 million vehicles in the entire world for pedal entrapment issues. In October 2012 Toyota recalled 7.43 million vehicles worldwide, among which 2.5 million in the US, due to faulty power window switches which can smoke or even catch fire.