The world’s largest automaker, Japanese carmaker Toyota has released a recall notice for 130, 000 units of its 2014 Tundra pickup trucks because of an issue concerning the lateral airbags, according to the sales division of Toyota USA.

In the 130,000 Tundra pickups affected by the campaign, the dealerships will need to check the integrity of a certain interior trim component that potentially hinders the proper deployment of side-curtain airbags. The affected component is the so-called center pillar garnish – a plastic trim that sits on the central pillar in the vicinity of the front seat belt housing.

The company says the garnish could have been installed improperly, hindering “the airbag to achieve its intended inflated shape,” according to a company statement.

According to Toyota the mishap has not been reported to cause any injuries and the automaker is readying now the letters for owners to make the dealership trip to address the possible defect. The recall has been issued voluntarily, as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has not announced it on its own website.

According to the company, only owners of the Crew-Max Cab and Double Cab trucks with back row seats need to reach their nearest dealership in order for a mechanic to make sure the component has been fixed properly.



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