Toyota managed to take back the crown as the no.1 selling automaker in the world in 2012, surpassing rivals GM and VW.

Today, January 28th, Toyota reported sales of 9.75 million vehicles in 2012, an increase of 22.6% and a record for the 75-year-old automaker. The result was according to the automaker’s forecast made in December helping the company to regain the first spot lost in 2011 when supply was affected by the natural disasters which hit Japan and Thailand, added to the wave of negative publicity due to a recall crisis in the US.

Toyota was the world’s best selling automaker from 2008 until 2010, and in 2011 it fell on the third place.
Toyota managed to surpass rivals GM, which sold 9.28 million vehicles, up 2.9%, and VW, which sold 9.07 million vehicles, up 11.2%. Toyota’s target for this year is to sell 9.91 million vehicles, an increase of 1.6% from 2012. Nissan, Toyota’s rival in Japan, sold a record 4.94 million last year and Honda reached sales of 3.82 million vehicles, up 19%.

“Rather than going after numbers, we hope to make fine products, one by one, to keep out customers satisfied. The numbers are just a result of our policy. And our policy will continue unchanged,” said Toyota spokeswoman Shino Yamada.


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