Toyota reorganizes it European sales division image

Toyota Motor Corporation has announced it is reorganizing sales operations at its European division, as it aims to expand model research and development in the region.

Changes include the appointment of Daniele Schillaci, who runs Toyota’s French business, as senior vice president for sales and marketing for Toyota Motor Europe and the naming of Alain Uyttenhove as head of product planning and marketing. Toyota Motor Europe also announced the appointment of current vice president for sales business, Miguel Fonseca, as vice president of business integration.

Didier Leroy, head of Toyota’s European unit, said in an email statement quoted by Bloomberg that the reorganization is part of a strategy to “respond in the fastest and most efficient way to market volatility and changes in customer expectations.” He added that changes are also aimed at expanding the regional division’s role in planning models in order “to help realise Toyota’s regional ambitions in Europe”.